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Our goal is to educate people about canine behavior. We promote harmonious canine-human relationships by demonstrating humane training tactics, interrupting unrealistic expectations and minimizing the relinquishment of dogs with behavior problems that are resolvable.

Our mission is accomplished by providing in-home canine-friendly training, accurate training materials, and safe, healthy and humane tools for modifying behaviors.

About Us:

What is a Canine Behavior Consultant?

The services of a canine behavior consultant go beyond that of a basic dog trainer.
Behaviorists take a scientific approach to understanding the causes, functions, development, and evolution of canine behavior.
Since many behavior problems are complex, behaviorists conduct in-depth evaluations of a pet’s history, environmental factors and specific behaviors to develop a treatment plan.
In the comfort of your own home, we can teach you how your dog views the world, show you how to humanely train your dog, and demonstrate new ways to effectively handle problem behaviors. Ultimately, we can make life with your dog easier and more rewarding for you both!

Kirstin Zaspel MS, CPDT-KA – Owner / Canine Behaviorist:

Kirstin Zaspel earned her bachelors degree in Biology from St. Olaf College in 2002.

After finishing her undergraduate degree, Kirstin worked for a biotech company in Minneapolis.

She later went on to complete a Masters degree in Psychology in 2007. Her classes focused on animal behavior, animal learning, canine psychology, counseling and biopsychology.

Her Masters thesis addressed anthropomorphic perception of dogs or the degree to which people attribute human-like characteristics toward dogs.

Kirstin opened Beyond Obedience, LLC in 2008.

Over the years, Kirstin has worked in veterinary clinics, humane societies, volunteered for behavior-help-hotlines, headed a pet therapy program, and attended numerous behavioral seminars.
She is a memeber of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers and is required to complete continuing education credits. She belongs to a network of other positively-based trainers in the Fox Valley.

In the past, Kirstin has also worked to provide in-home therapy for autistic children.

Kirstin resides in NE Wisconsin with her husband, two sons, dog Buckley, and cat Edie. 


What to Expect From Us:

  • Compassion, Respect, Support and Guidance
  • Professional consultants who pursue continuing education
  • Training materials that are scientifically accurate, user friendly and designed to meet your specific concerns
  • A consultant who has prepared for your in-home appointment ahead of time to ensure that all issues are addressed
  • A customized training protocol devised specifically for you and your dog
  • A typed report summarizing your in-home appointment with us