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Our goal is to educate people about canine behavior. We promote harmonious canine-human relationships by demonstrating humane training tactics, interrupting unrealistic expectations and minimizing the relinquishment of dogs with behavior problems that are resolvable.

Our mission is accomplished by providing in-home canine-friendly training, accurate training materials, and safe, healthy and humane tools for modifying behaviors.


Here is what our clients say about us: 

"Thank you Kirstin for all your help with our dog, Stanley's aggression issues. Because Stan is already 12 years old we were concerned that our options for behavior modification were limited at best. After ruling out a medical reason for his aggression we felt that you were our best (and possibly only) option.

We couldn't have been more pleased with our visit with you. You were so well prepared when you came to our home to meet with us and with Stanley. It was so interesting to hear from you just what Stanley was trying to tell us with his aggressive behavior and what we can do to prevent that behavior. It was very helpful to receive the typed report of what we discussed at
our appointment to refresh our memories on what we discussed. Since my wife and I are both in the veterinary business we have a lot of experience in reading dog body language and handling aggressive pets, but we found your expertise invaluable in dealing with our own pet!

Stanley has already come a long way and he continues to improve. We now recommend you without hesitation to our friends, family and clients. The Fox Valley and it's pet's is fortunate to have a professional with your education and background!"

-Dan Shepherd, DVM and Family
Fox River Animal Hospital
"Over the years dogs have become more than just protectors and workers, they have become part of the family unit. The relationship between owners and their dogs is unlike any other and that bond can be adversely affected by behavioral issues. As a veterinarian, I receive daily inquires about behavioral concerns. Unfortunately, time is not always available to dedicate to the education and hands-on training required for behavior modification. I highly recommend Beyond Obedience, LLC to my clients that want to improve their relationship with their dog. Kirstin is extremely knowledgeable, articulate and spends the time needed to educate owners in behavior modification. I also recommend early training and behavior work with young dogs to avoid future problems. Dogs want to learn and Kirstin gives the owners the tools to help them!"
Dr. Erin Lowe, DVM

"We were terrified that Tiller was going to bite someone or one of us because of his food aggression. Now we feel like we have it under control and while still having to remember that it will always be a part of him, we don't feel like we have to walk on egg shells anymore. The idea that meal time doesn't have to be a major tyring task anymore is a sigh of relief! Thank you so much for helping us recreate the Tiller we know and love!" 

Jess and Ryan Schaetz (and Tiller too!)

"We are the proud owners of 2 American Hairless Terriers, Lotti and Lassie. They have been wonderful additions to our family. Over the past six years, Lotti (6lbs) has caused us to replace two couches, one love seat and one chair due to tearing at the cushinons when people and/or dogs walk by the front of our house. Lassi was aggressive on walks toward passing dogs. Terriers are also known for their barking - and these two certainly wrote the book on it!

Earlier this year, we were referred to Kirstin as a very effective animal behaviorist in the area. I was excited at the prospect of correcting these behaviors but deep inside didn't think it was possible. Well, needless to say, I was wrong. 

From the moment Kirstin walked into our home, she exhibited a knowledge and confidence about our dogs and their behavior that instantly gave me hope. I was pleasantly surprised over the next 4-5 sessions with her. We worked with both dogs to establish changes in their behavior. I can now honestly say that life has changed for us in the most positive of ways with our little girls!

Our biggest fear was that Lassi was turning into an aggressive dog and that has now changed and is no longer a fear. It was just a matter of learning techniques and consistently implementing them. In very little time, she has learned to go on walks and not react aggressively towards other dogs. As a matter of fact, when we see a dog coming now, she actually looks up at me so as to say..."here comes a dog, where is my treat?" Its unbelievable! Lotti, meanwhile, has learned to watch passerbyers without the need to rip the cushions on the chair or couch. The barking is still a work in progress but one of the main things I learned from Kirstin is that changing their behavior can be as much, or more, about changing my own behavior. 

Kirstin is amazing, wonderful, compassionate and is a wise animal behaviorist. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a little (or a lot) of help with their dogs. I didn't believe what I know now to be possible. Thanks Kirstin!!"

-Joy Seremeta and Lisa Malone


"Hi. I'm Brody the Yellow Lab! I want to give a huge "Thank You" to Kirstin for being a life saver to my parents and I. I used to panic when my parents left me alone. The vet put me on medicine to make me feel better, but I just kpt feeling worse. I've torn down living room curtains, blinds in a bathroom, and have scratched my way through a door in an attempt to see where my Mom and Dad went. After these incidences my Mom and Dad thought I should be kept in a plastic crate but I would bark and pant until they got home. I even broke 3 of my teeth in an effort to get the wire door to open. I was a mess!

Mrs. Kirstin was referred to my Mom by 3 different people. Everyone had good things to say about her. Mom called her and was really impressed with how friendly she seemed and how knowledgeable she was about animal behavior. She was also really impressed with her educational background and experience with animals. Kirstin came over and my family all agreed that we loved her!

Kirstin determined that I didn't have separation anxiety after all, but that I had a lack of exercise and hated begin confined in small spaces. She also talked about how to help me through my days alone. Mom and Dad slowly started letting me out of my crate and I impressed them! My parents are thrilled that they don't have to worry about me hurting myself or the house while they are away now!

Thank you, Kirstin!"

-Brody (Jennifer and Geoff F. too!)


"Breeding well-socialized, loving puppies is our goal here at Strike Golden! We met Kirstin through a client and were immediately taken by her warm personality. She interacted with our puppies on several occasions and offered tips on how to mold them for their new homes. Kirstin was very professional and knowledgable. She had a sincere love and desire to see the best outcomes for our pups and their future parents. 

Kirstin evaluated one dog that we were worried about. She seemed to want little to do with her littermates and was quite independant. We knew that the pup would be going to a home with 3 other dogs. Kirstin worked with us and provided advice on socializing her in special ways. The pup now sits, shakes, goes to a down and rolls over at only 8 weeks of age. Her new parents appreciated the fact that we'd contacted Kirstin and got information to help mold their new family member into a brilliant pup. We will continue to use Kirstin's services in the future!"

-Teresa Deslauriers - StrikeGolden.com


"I have received excellent information and training tips to help work with my dog. I am very pleased with the help I received from Kirstin and would recommend her and Beyond Obedience, LLC to anyone!"

-Sarah L. and Toby the German Shepherd


"I contacted Kirstin at Beyond Obedience to help me eradicate some of my puppy's 'less than desirable' behaviors. Charlie is sweet and loving but tended to get too rambunctious when he was playing. I have learned better ways to redirect his energy. Kirstin taught me how to enforce the "leave it" command while I swept the floor as well. Now that Charlie understands what is expected of him, we have more peaceful evenings at home!"

-Cheryl and Charlie the Cavalier KCS


"We have never been so happy! Our Golden Retriever is the most well-rounded little guy thanks to Beyond Obedience and their guidance!"

-Jill and Nick W. and Sullivan the Golden Retriever


"I'm so glad that I took the Beyond Obedience puppy course! It has helped me and my family a lot in training our puppy - he is doing excellent! Thank you!!!"

-Cindy and Duce the Pit Bull


"When I first contacted Kirstin, our main objective was to get my husband and I on the same page when it came to training our puppy, Bailey. we met with Kirstin just 3 times and we learn a ton! We learned how important consistency between the two of us really was. Kirstin really knows her stuff and made it easy and fun for us to learn! Beiley knows her as the "treat lady" and he really likes her too!"

-Mary , Joe and Bailey the Cavalier KCS


"We both had a great time in class! The learning techniques were very effective and we noticed great improvements."

-Mary Jo and Einstein the Golden Retriever


"This class was what I needed to start basic training! It was good for both of us and it was the kick-start I needed"

-Jeanne and Lucky the Yorkshire Terrier


"We have enjoyed working with Beyond Obedience. Kirstin made a special effort to get to know our dog's personality. We worked with Kirstin on the problems we were having as well as some great strategies for training and obedience. Kirstin checks in periodically to learn of our progress too! Beyond Obedience has been a supportive resource. We have learned that a well-mannered, obedient dog is an ongoing process."

-Jill, Damon and Clover the Schnauzer


"When I first called Beyond Obedience, I didn't know what to expect. My dog had been developing some bad manners and I didn't know how to fix them on my own. I found Kirstin in the phonebook and was drawn to her add. I finally called and was nervous and somewhat embarrassed. Kirstin gave me hope at the time of my very first phone call. When she came over, she spent a lot of time with me and my family. Rex is a lovable dog, but needed better manners and a stronger leader. My family and I work with Rex daily. We practice basic things that I would never have thought to practice. Beyond Obedience has given the best gift which is the knowledge of how to work appropriately and effectively with my dog!"

-Lisa and Family and Rex the Lab mix


"Our experience with Beyond Obedience has been very positive! Kirstin made a number of suggestions for changing our training habits and they have worked very well. She also suggested we change Abbey's diet which has resulted in a whole new dog! A number of our past problems have gone away.

-Jerry, Sally and Abbey the Border Collie


Additional anonymous comments from small obedience/manners class surveys:

"Very realistic skills taught - a lot of individual attention!"

"The class teaches a lot of commands that are fundamental to having successful relationships with your dog. It was a great experience!"

"Small group size allows for much individual attetion/training. Kirstin is very knowledgeable and personable!"

"Kirstin, you are a very special young lady, we appreciate all you have done in helping us create a better dog. Thanks so much!"

"This was a wonderful and informative class. Thanks!"

"Thank you for your patience with our questions."

"Excellent refresher course! This has helped us out!"

"Enjoyed your hints and positive suggestions! Keep teaching, every dog owner should take your class!"

"You were very patient, informative and professional! Thank you!"

"So much to know and absorb. Great insight and very knowledgable!"

"What we learned will help us control our large dog."

"This course has given my puppy and I a great start toward managing puppy behaviors and successful dog ownership!"

"This was a fun and positive way for my pup to learn lots! Kirstin was the best, she kept it fun and provided great info!"

"We are grateful for Kirstin's knowledge and help!"